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Eleanor Criswell Hanna, Ed.D.: Founder of Somatic Yoga, Emeritus Professor at Sonoma State University and Past President of the International Association of Yoga Therapists


From 1969 to 2009 Dr. Criswell was a professor of psychology at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California, where in cooperation with Joseph Le Page of Integrative Yoga Therapy she developed one of the first graduate programs in yoga therapy in the United States.


In 1972 she and her husband Thomas Hanna took a professional seminar with Moshe Feldenkrais, which inspired Hanna to organize the first Feldenkrais® training in the Unite States in 1977. Eleanor Criswell is the author of many publications on Yoga and Somatics, including How Yoga Works: An Introduction to Somatic Yoga (1989). She also has extensive experience with nonprofit associations and has been the editor of Somatics magazine-journal.


In 2001, I went to a Somatics workshop with the intention to meet Eleanor Criswell Hanna and decide whether I would want to do my undergraduate Somatic Psychology degree under her supervision. While living in Northern California from 2001 to 2006, Eleanor was my most important mentor. I feel very blessed to have had her as my mentor while studying at Sonoma State University and still now and then when we talk.


For more information about Eleanor Criswell’s work, visit: www.somaticsed.com


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