Yoga in the Tradition of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar, a.k.a. Viniyoga | Kaelash Neels

The Viniyoga Tradition started in India with Krishnamacharya. I had the honor to have studied with Desikachar, — author of the book The Heart of Yoga — and the Mohans —authors of the book Yoga Therapy. However, the Viniyoga trainer who impacted my life the most is Gary Kraftsow. At the end of the seventies, he was chosen by Desikachar to bring Viniyoga to the west and founded the American ViniyogaTM Institute. He is the author of two books and four DVDs and conducts Viniyoga teachers and Viniyoga therapy trainings. Gary serves on the International Association of Yoga Therapists Educational Standards Committee and actively participates in yoga therapy research. He developed the yoga protocol for the 2003 National Institutes of Health study “Evaluating Yoga for Chronic Low Back Pain,” which demonstrated the positive effect of yoga on low back pain. In 2005, the study results were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Since then Gary has developed the yoga protocol for a Harvard Medical School study for generalized anxiety, designed another for an Aetna Insurance company pilot study on managing workplace stress, and consulted on several studies for other health conditions, including abdominal obesity, COPD, and non-small cell lung cancer.


Although in 2011 I completed the Viniyoga therapy training, once my son will be a bit older, I would like to continue  to study with Gary to drink from that fountain of knowledge.


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