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We offer different types of workshops that are open to the public:
  • You CAN heal yourself from Back Pain
  • The Perfect Body at Your Reach: How to Eliminate, Gain and Maintain Your Ideal Weight
  • Strong Bones
  • Living Foods Lifestyle® certification programs (annwigmore.org)
Throughout the year we also offer specialist workshops for certain structural, physiological and psychological conditions, such as how to alleviate and eliminate joint pain, improve digestion, sound sleep, and manage anxiety and depression.
Detoxification, or simply “Detox,” consists of a thorough mind-body cleanse, releasing the natural and chemical toxins caused by our lifestyle.   From November to August we offer 2-week Detox programs in sunny Puerto Rico, and in September and October throughout the Continental United States, Europe and Asia.   Call us at (787) 868-6307 or visit www.annwigmore.org to make your reservation today!
Living Foods Lifestyle Educator Training/Formação de Instrutores no Estilo de Vida da Nutrição VivaTM   The Living Foods Lifestyle® Educator Training was developed to provide a comprehensive learning experience about the practice and teachings of the Living Foods Lifestyle® . This program was developed to offer you the Basic Components of the Living Foods Lifestyle® and the foundation needed to teach groups and individuals about it.   Most participants are health professionals such as therapists, nutritionists, nurses, psychologists and doctors, while others come from related fields. All students, however, share a deep respect for health and nutrition.   This program is ideal for people who would like to create or engage in nutritional counseling, fitness centers, organic agriculture businesses and a wide range of other humanitarian and sustainable causes.
Teacher Training Program
The goal of yoga teacher training programs is to prepare professionals to teach group classes and private yoga classes, integrating, asana, pranayama, chanting, mudras, bandhas and meditation. We emphasize the personal practice of the yoga teacher as the foundation of the training program. Building on the yoga teacher training program, the yoga therapy program prepares trained yoga teachers to work with individuals with structural, physiological and psycho-emotional conditions.