Health and Happiness are the natural state of the human being, and are the result of:


“Living in harmony with the laws of nature

(sleep, exercise, nutrition, hydration, rest, sunshine, etc.)

Living with purpose.”

This health perspective developed out of my own life’s experience and the results I have had as a Lifestyle Coach, Somatic Educator and Somatic Teacher.

Because it is natural for us, we should simply remember how to maintain a state of vibrant health:

  • Health is the result of a long-term process, habits and lifestyle
  • Health is synonymous with lifestyle: the more you cultivate it, the more health you enjoy. And the opposite is also true!
  • For long-term health, we must work with the profound imbalances that caused the dis-ease, not just its symptoms
  • Health = state of balance, and each person has a particular state of health; we need to focus on “tuning the instrument” (body-mind) of each person, rather than adapt it to the standardized definition of health
  • Responsibility for our own health is a determining factor for vibrant health
  • There is nothing more powerful than a personalized practice!
  • We must WANT to be vibrantly healthy
  • Being vibrantly healthy is something very desirable and enjoyable!