The foundation of the path to restore a state of balance, happiness and beauty — whether you live in the city, the countryside, the mountains or at the beach — is to co-design a lifestyle and encourage you to adopt new healthy habits. This is the essence of our process together!


The key to the healing and transformation is only one: a change of habits.


Although simple, this is not an easy task!


I therefore take you by the hand in this process of creating and sustaining new habits and empower you in transitioning from physical pain and/or mental suffering to feeling and looking youthful, energized and happy.


How habits are transformed?


Your habits are the wheels on the road to healing and transformation. Without maintaining the right habits, it’s impossible to achieve desired results.


  1. Presence:

Generally, we become aware when something is out of balance through the symptoms of negative emotions and thoughts and/or physical pain. So the first step is to help you identify what the symptoms are that are letting you know that something is out of balance. Then we’ll seek to identify what caused the imbalance, realizing that if we want different results, we must form different habits because the results that the current habits created were not satisfactory. For example: as a result of experiencing a lack of energy during the day you realize the surfacing of negative emotions and thoughts.


  1. Education:

Imagine that you are feeling low energy during the day and don’t know the cause. My job is to help you identify the causes of why you are not “getting the desired results,” and help you to get the desired results! Together we will find out that perhaps you are feeling low energy because you aren’t sleeping enough. Maybe you are not able to fall asleep at night because you are:  having dinner too close before bedtime, or are stressed out, or watching stimulating movies, or are reading stimulating things before going to bed and are not creating a good sleep environment (dark, quiet and cool). From here, we can create the best routine for you so that you will get the desired results in your life.

  1. Tools:

In this step, I provide you with tools and methods for you to get the desired results. For example: to have more energy you could replace coffee with nutritious and energizing fruit and green leafy vegetable-based smoothies; start doing aerobic exercise; drink more water; turn off your electronic devices a while before going to bed; take a hot bath with certain moisturizing oils followed by a peaceful yoga session that includes relaxation and calming breathing practices; as well as meditation, and you should be in bed between 21 and 22 o’clock.

One of the main things I learned in “High Performance Academy” with Brendon Burchard is setting up “triggers” to sustain habits. Triggers are how you activate the power of habit. In essence, trigger moments are cues that remind you to activate your intentions or habits.


For example, setting a reminder on your phone that triggers you three times a day to do something like:

  1. take deep breath,
  2. drink a glass of purified water with a drop of lemon juice,
  3. exercise every time you drop off your kids at school,
  4. buy fresh produce at the grocery store after doing exercise.
  5. turn off all your electronic devices as to ease into the night without any disturbing or stimulating news, whether via Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Email, Skype, Twitter or TV.