Kaelash Neels was born in 1977 in Germany into a family in which yoga was practiced as a way of life. In 1998 he relocated to the United States and earned a degree in Somatic Psychology from Sonoma State University. He received a certificate as a Diet Counselor at Bauman College and is a certified Yoga Therapist from the American ViniyogaTM Institute, Integrative Yoga Therapy and the Rocky Mountain Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda. After completing the four-year professional Feldenkrais®Training Program, he was certified by the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America (FGNA— Kaelash Neels is on the Board of Directors of the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico. There as well as in his private practice, since 1999 he has helped people from all over the world overcome severe health conditions, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, osteoporoses and to realize vibrant health and vitality. In his work as a Lifestyle Coach, Kaelash integrates his specialties of yoga therapy, Feldenkrais® and the Living Foods Lifestyle® into personalized programs with the intention to move from confusion and pain to clarity and joy. Since 1995 he has been eating living foods and practicing yoga-asanas, pranayama and meditation daily. Practicing yoga, living in the tropics by the ocean, windsurfing, surfing, playing the guitar and spending time with his wife and children fill his life with joy every day.


I am very passionate about life and living life to its fullest capacity. In my teenager teenage years, I realized that the quality of our lives is directly linked with the vitality of our body and mind. And because of that, I decided to do everything possible to keep my energy level high and balanced, as to provide my body and mind with vitality, balance and contentment. Having been born into a family who practices yoga as a way of life — yamas and niyamas, yoga postures/movements, meditation and a vegetarian diet — I added to my lifestyle the practice of Feldenkrais® and the consumption of raw and living foods, nutrition that is full of vital energy. For me, the yogic lifestyle, Feldenkrais® and living foods are the basis for living life to its fullest potential. My main intention is to support a paradigm shift about what we think health is: a shifting in focus from “illness” based health-care and “negative” psychology to “prevention and maintenance” of health and “positive psychology.” My proposal is for each human being to recover his birthright, which is true vibrant physical health, positive emotions like love, compassion and kindness, and a clear mind. From my perspective, this state of total health is very much within our reach; what we need to reach it is develop the habits that will give us those desired results. In order to live my fullest potential, I dedicate my life to study and experience and perfecting new methods of health that have proven to be highly effective. My main intention is the development of habits like those of high performers and aligning with nature and our inherent intelligence and intuition. My role as a health practitioner and lifestyle coach is to educate and guide people in the process of recovering their own autonomy and to transform states of pain and suffering into health and joy! Far from being painful, the thousands of people that I have attended to for more than 15 years in different countries have shown that to be responsible for one’s health can be very pleasant, stimulating, fun and certainly profoundly self-fulfilling. I am affirming that health is synonymous with lifestyle, and happiness is a question of practice. This vision guides my work as a Lifestyle Coach, Somatic Educator and Program Director of professional health trainings, which combine my three areas of expertise: yoga therapy, the Feldenkrais Method® and the Living Foods Lifestyle®.Based on the transformative results I have seen through my work with diseases as diverse as fibromyalgia, depression, cancer and diabetes, beyond the experiences of success in the maintenance of health, beauty and well-being, especially for women between 40 and 65 years, I have identified a cycle of simple and enjoyable practices that guarantee a state of health: the “9 Secrets of Vibrant Health and Lasting Happiness.” If health is synonymous with lifestyle, the “9 Secrets” reveal how to cultivate a healthy way of living within and without urban centers. A simple and accessible way of living, which reflects the combination of ancient wisdom with the latest scientific discoveries in the field of health, beauty and well-being.