Lifestyle Coaching is a powerful tool to turn your health and lifestyle goals into reality!

If you decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle — and thus want to lose weight, prevent disease, reduce stress, begin to feel better, delve into deep self-knowledge or just enjoy life more fully — a Lifestyle Coach is the best professional to help you find answers.

Lifestyle Coaching works in a series of sessions, designed to reach the goals you want to accomplish: goals that revolve around quality of life, health, beauty and spirituality. Once we’ve identified your goals, we begin the process together to achieve them with success.

Lifestyle Coaching is an effective way to help you make healthier decisions about the lifestyle you want to nurture now and in the future.


Lifestyle Coaching is suitable for anyone, and especially for women who wish to have more energy, be more fit, improve your memory, enjoy greater inner peace, be more beautiful and abundant, through a re-educational program of a healthy lifestyle.


According to what is appropriate, we may combine yoga therapy, the Feldenkrais Method® and the Living Foods Lifestyle® into this process, or use just one of those options. And to help you maintain the lifestyle we develop, we use the “9 Secrets to Vibrant Health and Lasting Happiness,” a simple and accessible system for you to integrate into your everyday life.


Some benefits of Lifestyle Coaching include:

  • Heightened energy levels
  • Increased ability to remain calm under physical or mental stress
  • Positive and optimistic attitudes and thoughts
  • Fully engaged and happy with life!
  • Getting and staying in good shape
  • Healthy and delicious eating habits
  • Living your full potential!


Lifestyle Coaching can be done individually or in groups, in a classroom or via email, Skype, etc. Contact me today to create a coaching session package for you: Skype and Facebook: kaelash