In Somatic Education we use a combination of yoga therapy and the Feldenkrais Method® to become aware of the psycho-motor patterns that are limiting our beliefs and flow of movement. With the Feldenkrais Method®, we use the living body as a means to raise our awareness and develop more functional movement patterns — physical, emotional and mental. The body is seen as an integral part of our thoughts and emotions, and when we change one of these parts, we change the others as well. From the perspective of the Feldenkrais Method®, the first things humans beings have done since the beginning of time was move. Movement existed before thought and emotion, and therefore if we change the way we move, indeed, we also move the way we feel, think and act. If you are suffering from depression, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease or physical and/or congenital psychic pain, and/or due to accidents or exceptional life circumstances, and are looking for an alternative to conventional medicine or therapy — by no means less effective — and to return to a state of natural balance, I can be your practitioner, therapist, educator and/or coach. In my career, working as a yoga therapist and Feldenkrais Method® practitioner, I have obtained many transformative results, especially regarding chronic pain and illness. Somatic Education sessions can be individual or in groups, in classroom settings or long-distance via email, Skype or the phone. Contact us to create a package of Somatic Education sessions., Skype and Facebook: kaelash. You may learn more about what you can gain through Somatic Education in the workshop we offer for “Back Pain” and “Strong Bones.” To learn when and where are the next workshops visit our Calendar or send us a message.